Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tu Tu Cute

My Mom made the girls little tutus to play with! They both love to dance in them and Kinsey really loves hers! Here's a short video of Kinsey in her tutu!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It Happened!

Well, it happened! I brought Riley home from the hospital just a few days ago and now I'm waking up to take her to preschool! It feels like it happened overnight! I'm so sad that my little girl is growing up but excited for her to start her new adventure! I'm so glad that she is excited for school or it would have been even harder to leave her. Tuesday was her first day of preschool at the Wesley Little Learners in Parsons. Her teacher is Mrs Heenan or if you ask her it's Mr Heenan! (I'm trying to work on that!) Justin, Kinsey, and I took her to her on her first day. I don't think she even noticed that I was crying b/c she was so busy talking to all of the other kiddos and trying to figure out why some were crying! I hung out as long as I could in her classroom before Justin MADE me leave! Kinsey and I had a long 3 hours. First I drove around town aimlessly which left me with 2 and a half hours left to kill. Finally we hit Wal Mart and the antique shop and that took up our time! Riley loved it and can't wait to go back! Here's some pics from her exciting day!!
Her new backpack! She is so proud of this! She wore it in the store when we bought it!

We found her hook for her backpack!

...and her name on the wall outside her room!

... her cubby

Getting dismissed after her first day!

putting the backpack on to leave!

Just a few more pics from the day!

I almost forgot the best part of the day (for me) Nano and Dado told her that they would take her out for lunch wherever she wanted to go! Since Parsons doesn't have a Chic Fil A she chose 'Nestos (Ernestos)! I've trained her well! Dado spoiled her rotten and got her cheese dip and pretty much anything else she wanted at lunch! Oh well I guess that's his job!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The day of the Desitin

Well, we've had an eventful morning! The girls turned the radio on in their bedroom and started dancing away so I took that opportunity to hurry to the kitchen to do some dishes! I knew I had a limited amount of time! They can only play together for a short time before a referee is needed. It wasn't long and I could hear Kinsey getting mad and then pitter pattering down the hall! This is what I found.....

Kinsey has a bad diaper rash right now so last night I had asked Justin to pick up some Desitin at Wal Mart on his way home! After all, he does love to shop at Wal Mart! (It's hard to type sarcasm!!) Like most men, he decided that bulk was better! You don't have to return to Wal Mart as soon, right?? So he bought a 16 oz jar of Desitin, which as you have figured out, the girls found and painted themselves like little indians!! I'm pretty sure I have Riley to blame for this one but Kinsey was having fun painting herself too!! So off to the tub they went!...

While I was searching for a wash cloth Riley decided to go ahead and finish the job and smear it in some more and put it in Kinsey's hair!! I finally had to get the DISH soap to get it off of them. 45 minutes and half a bottle of dish soap later, my kids are clean again and the Desitin is hidden!!!
Lucky for my kiddos, all I could do was laugh!! I'm so glad that I caught them when I did or who knows what else they would have "painted"!!
Riley met me in the hall covered in Desitin and said "Look Mom!! Is this funny?"

Poor Kinsey! I had to use dish soap on her hair which she managed to rub in her eyes (ouch!!) but the soap totally dried out her hair!
What a day!! Gotta love being called Mom!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The simple things!

When you're a mom, it's the simple things that make you smile! I love this pic! Just something special about Daddy's and their little girls!!

flagpole festival

This is a few weeks old but I figured better late then never! The girls and I went to the flagpole festival in Mound Valley a few weeks ago. I took the girls to the swimming suit contest for the second year. Last year Kinsey just watched and Riley won her age group. This year they both entered. Riley won her age group again! She had so much fun.She is such a ham! She sat down on the stage, crossed her legs, and just started waving to everyone! I finally had to go make her move along!! She won a savings bond and a cup of candy! She also got to play with her friend Paisley! Those to little girls have a lot of fun playing together! Here's a few pics from the contest!
I'm not sure if she'll ever give up her thumb or her ribbon!!

We went home and napped, changed clothes, and had lunch before venturing back into the heat. We stopped at the petting zoo which was closing because of the heat! They were nice enough to let the girls go through really quickly first!

Riley wanted to do the face paint but she opted for her arm! Of all the cute things she could have picked for them to draw (in sharpie) on her arm she chose Clifford the big red dog!! She loved it! She was most excited when the lady sprayed glitter on her arm!!

I think this is the only pic I have of the girls in their 4th of July outfits! They had just woke up from a nap which was a good time to take Riley's pic but not so good for Kinsey! Oh well!

Bike Rides

Justin finally got my bike up and running for us! The girls love going for bike rides. If Justin makes it home at a normal time we can even talk him in to going with us! We usually make our way up town and stop and visit with people along the way! Gotta love small town America! Jamie and Bryson usually even have popsicles for the girls when we stop! So Riley always insists that we stop at their house! Kinsey is really enjoying it! The bumpier the better! You can hear her giggling every time I hit a bump!
I love summertime!~

Friday, June 26, 2009

Little artist

Here's a link to some pics that we did with Lasha! Riley won a drawing on her blog and got to do this a few weeks ago! We had a lot of fun! Lasha is great to work with and does wonderful photographs!!

The password is... riley